Parrot Points for Concert Ticket Eligibility

Each year, Jimmy Buffett's management company, HK Management, may provide a limited number of tickets to each concert for the use and enjoyment of members of local PHiP clubs in the vicinity of the concerts. Each club must share tickets with other eligible clubs that choose the same home venue.

Although group tickets have, in the past, been made available to the clubs through Jimmy's Management, each club must first show some level of community service activity over the previous 12 months, and submit a report biannually (through information in their respective club newsletter or by letter/email) to the PHiP Director of Membership.

All clubs are required to comply with all guidelines as set forth by Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

The Cincinnati Parrot Head Club Parrot Point system has been designed with the following criteria in order to define club member eligibility for tickets to Jimmy Buffett concerts. The system is designed to REWARD and AWARD active members for their consistent activity level within the CPHC, and their contributions to the community through the good works sponsored thereby.

With the addition of new clubs and the growth of existing clubs, there is no guarantee that there will be enough tickets available for all those eligible. Therefore, those members with the most points, who have shown the highest level of commitment and participation in the club, will have first right of refusal of any available tickets.

Please remember the following:
  • Clubs are not guaranteed tickets
  • Club ticket share is based on the number of club members as of Jan. 1, of that year
  • Club tickets are a privilege
  • Club tickets are earned
  • The Cincinnati PHC is not a ticket broker
Our criteria serves a triad purpose:
  • To promote camaraderie and support for charitable, environmental and community service activities established as sanctioned club events.
  • To establish levels within our general membership of activity and effort.
  • To determine criteria of eligibility for concert ticket availability (if tickets should become available).

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Must be an active club member in good standing.
  • Must have attended an average of one business meeting per quarter during the preceding year.
  • Must participate in at least one club sponsored charity gathering or event during the preceding year, or supported the club in some other way. (Showing up at regular meetings or phlockings is not enough)
  • Must forward payment by established deadline or forfeit ticket option
  • Ticket(s) will be offered to active club members with the most points accumulated* as ticket availability permits.
  • There will be a two tickets maximum per member. Members receiving more than a single ticket must have participated in sponsored charity/environmental events during the year**
  • Single tickets will first be awarded to all eligible club members that desire them before awarding second tickets to those members with the most points.
  • Parrot Points will be counted from a Concert-to-Concert date span, and will include club events scheduled from the time of the previous concert to the next scheduled concert.
  • The best seats will be offered to the most active club members as determined by Parrot Points.
  • If a member declines the first or second ticket to which they are entitled, they will be offered to the next eligible member in point ranking.
Parrot Point Accumulation System:
  • Serve on Board of Directors - 3 points per month served
  • Organize and coordinate a major event* - 7 points
  • Organize and coordinate a minor event* - 4 points
  • Maintain the official Cincinnati PHC Web Site - 4 points
  • Standing Committee Chairman - 2 points per month served
  • Standing Committee Member #1 - 1 point per month served
  • Temporary Committee Chairman - 4 points
  • Temporary Committee Member #1 - 2 points
  • Design something for the CHPC (business cards, badges, tees, etc.)- 3 points
  • Participate in a club sponsored charitable, community service, environmental function or event - 3 points (this includes the collection or delivery of supplies for sponsored charities and events)
  • Contribute to the official Cincinnati PHC web site or newsletter - 2 points
  • Attend a monthly business meeting - 2 points
  • Donate to a club charity drive - 2 points
  • Recruit a new member - 2 points (max. of 6 points in any given year)
  • Attend an officially designated CHPC happy hour or phlocking - 1 point (Camaraderie is one of our core missions)

*The Board will determine what is considered a major vs. a minor event. Each club member is responsible for signing the list provided at all official club events.

*The Board may assign points for other activities as deemed appropriate or reduce points by function based on performance.

*Awarded points may be shared by members assisting each other in a single task as decided and directed by the Board.

*A List of each members points will be maintained by the Secretary and reported quarterly.

*Questions or discrepancies in totals must be reported immediately for resolution by the following report distribution.

Use Restrictions:
  • Tickets may be used by designated member (and their guest) only.
  • No ticket may be used by any individual not a member in good standing (paid up) of some chapter of PHiP.
  • Should a member be awarded tickets that they can no longer utilize they must contact the Board of Directors for return and resale.
  • The tickets are not to be sold outside the club under any circumstances.
  • Unused club tickets will be returned for regional distribution.
  • Violation of these use restrictions may result in the loss of your club membership.

** Each committee will have a Board Member assigned as liaison. Committee Chairpersons are responsible for supplying the names of those persons served on their committee to the Board Member assigned as liaison for that committee. Active participation in the committee is a requirement to receive points as determined by the committee chairman. The Board liaison will then submit the points earned to the Secretary (assuming they aren't the same person, that is)

** Event coordinators are responsible for supplying the names of those persons who supported and or worked at their event to the Board. Active participation in the charity function or event is a requirement to receive points as determined by the event coordinator. (Merely attending an event or putting your name on the sign-up sheet does not cut it)

** As the number of tickets available to each club becomes more limited, it is important that all members are treated equally. If a club member has a spouse or S.O. who is also a club member, the spouse or S.O. will only be eligible for tickets if he or she, too, meets the Cincinnati Parrot Head Club criteria for eligibility. Two tickets per club member will only be issued if there are enough tickets to warrant it and will likely only be available to the most active club members.

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