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one man’s top 25 caribbean islands


I'm ranking them even though I haven't been to them all.  I've certainly done tons of research on them however.  Take the list with a grain of salt and a lime....


25. Haiti

24. Guadeloupe

23. Dominica

22. Turks and Caicos

21. Grenada

20. Anguilla

19. Antigua

18. Jamaica

17. Aruba

16. Martinique

15. Mont serrated

14. St Lucia

13. BY I

12. Barbados

11. US I

10. Trinidad and Tobago

9. St Kitts

8. Cayman islands

7. Dominican Rep

6. Caracao

5. St Maarten

4. St Barts

3. Bahamas

2. Puerto Rico

1. Cuba


Meeting Minutes from February 2015

Meeting Minutes

Board Members present:

  • Steve Hoffman
  • Joe Johnson
  • Lynn Heilberg
  • Lynne Coghill
  • Chestine Harris

Special Guest: Biddie Farmer, brought by Lynne Coghill. Biddie is doing a fundraiser for her Friend Lisa's daughter who has cancer. Lisa has insurance, but the insurance is not paying for her medicine. She is asking for any type of help and for anyone who would like to come to her fundraiser to help support her friend. Lynda and Blythe will talk about doing a basket or some other type of help for this through the Flying Pig. Also, there will be a link on our website for donations.

From Joe Johnson: Account Balance is $5418.63. PHIP dues were paid. Some other expenses, but not a lot. Ticket money can be paid by credit card, check or cash. Please pay your club dues.

March 25th ticket money is due for the concert club tickets. You can pay for them on the club website, at the next meeting.

Jim Harris brought up that there should be a written document of member to be handed out.

Phip Elections are being held for new direction of membership. Running are Joanna Colard and Charlene Gringow. The club voted for Charley.

Steve spoke to Coney and they are offering to let us tailgate near/in moonlight gardens. They will have their own beer, hamburgers and bathrooms. We do not know yet if we could bring our own booze.

Jim Harris feels board should have asked the tailgate committee to come to the last board meeting. There was a motion to keep tailgate committee as is by Christina and 2nd by Jimmy. Club voted to keep committee unanimously as is. Many members gave their input of what they would like to see at the tailgate and what they would like to keep. Things brought up were games to win prizes, photo booth, temporary tattoos. Keep the roadside breakfast and food from Margaritaville like last year. It is good to do the tailgate as a club and it brings us together. Board needs to know what is going on with the tailgate. New club members need to be more updated, in general, over what is going on with the club.

Matt Corcoran announced the club function at the Cyclones game raised $1000. There were 194 tickets sold.. There were a total of 10 man hours worked for charity.

Blythe Jones-speaking about the Flying Pig Festival. Last year there were 5000 people the club gave water to. It is always the 1st Sunday in May. The event ends around noon. They need all club members to help. Also, invite your friends and family to participate.
To register go to: http:// www.flyingpigmarathon.com

  1. volunteers
  2. volunteer registration
  3. click on: click here to sign up with a registered group
  4. Go to: Event Groups (password required)
  5. Click on Cincinnati Parrot Head Club
  6. Fill in info under Registration
  7. Under Addition Questions answer NO
  8. Accept conditions under Registration Waiver
  9. Under Please Sign Below, type your name in the 'signature' box
  10. Click-Get me Registered

Also, March 15th is the Heart Mini Marathon. The club also needs help with this event.

Next months meeting would fall on St Patty's Day, so the club voted to have the meeting on March 10th instead. Voted on unanimously.

All are invited to the St. Patty's Day Celebration Street Party in Covington. Meet at Steve's office ( A Day to Remember).

The Cincinnati Parrot Head Club Takes Over US Bank Arena…

Cyclone Night

The Parrot Head night at the Cincinnati Cyclones VS The Evansville Icemen ECHL hockey game was a blast for all who came! The Cincinnati Cyclones easily won the game 4-0. Below is the box score of the game:

Parrot Head Night 2015 Box Score


Photos from the Cincinnati Cyclones VS The Evansville Icemen Parrot Head themed game!


For those looking for the Cincinnati Parrothead Club Broom Ball game that occurred during the intermission between periods 1 and 2, look no more!


Top 17 Margaritaville Cafes, Ranked


Individual reviews to follow... here are the top 17:

  1. Grand Turk, BVI
  2. Falmouth, Jamaica
  3. Cozumel
  4. Key West
  5. Orlando
  6. New Orleans
  7. Nashville
  8. Grand Cayman
  9. Cancun Airport
  10. Landshark Surf Shack, Atlantic City
  11. Cancun
  12. Ocho Rios, Jamicable
  13. Glendales, AZ (closed)
  14. Atlantic City
  15. Mohegan Sun
  16. Chicago
  17. Cincinnati (dropped several slots past year, play JIMMY BUFFETT songs!!!)